Recent Publications

  • A Generative Framework for Multi-label Learning with Missing Labels
    International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) 2017, Sydney, Australia


Selected Projects

Please see my resume for a list of all my projects

  • Generative Image Modelling using DRAW

    Implemented three variations of the Deep Recurrent Attention Writer (DRAW) model for incorporating convolutional features and supervision to the existing encoder-decoder archirecture.

  • Sentence Level Grammatical Error Identification

    Implemented an RNN model for identifying grammatical errors using the NUCLE corpus of the CoNLL-2013 shared task, followed by testing on the NIPS 2015 publications dataset.

  • Probabilistic Polynomial Method in Circuit Complexity

    Studied the application of the probabilistic polynomial method by Ryan Williams in the All Pairs Shortest Path and Boolean Orthogonal Detection problem.

  • Image Colorization by Patch Inference

    Implemented an image colorization model which learns to color grey scale images pixel by pixel using local patch luminance based inference. This idea was inspired by the super-resolution model of Yang et. al. in "Fast Direct Super-resolution by Simple Functions"


Tutor - I conducted weekly tutorial classes, designed and evaluated the exam and lab questions for the following courses:

  • ESC101: Fundamentals of Computer Science (2016-17 I), by Prof. Vinay Namboodiri

    • Mentored a student for an Advanced Track project.

  • ESC101: Fundamentals of Computer Science (2016-17 II), by Prof. Rajat Mittal

    • Recorded lecture videos in Hindi (partly mixed with English) jointly with all tutors in order to help students who had difficulty understanding English lectures. Video 1 - Multidimensional Arrays